Monday, May 11, 2009

Cast Away!

So I will be pretty busy until I’m off camping in NY for the summer. I’m in my last week of my internship and my last class for the semester is on Friday. I will graduate from the Social Work Program on Friday, and then I will graduate from the University next May. I’m going out to NY next week for a Men’s Conference. I will be helping out at home since my parents are moving out of our house, and I also have to get a U-Haul and move to my apartment that I will have in August.
It has definitely been a great school year, had a good final basketball season and now it’s about that time to focus on me and start planning my life after graduation next May. I will not be blogging throughout the summer as I will not have the internet when camping nor will I have phone service. I am also going to deactivate my facebook account within the next couple of days, not shaving and no sunscreen all summer as I will be going straight Cast Away style! Initially, you may see this as horrible, but in all actuality it’s a great thing. I’m out in the woods experiencing nature at its best, reflecting on my life, working with kids and not having a worry in the world. Mad dope!

I’m sure I will be back with you in August. Until then, stay blessed.

Keep Thinking Above the Naturally Know and make it a part of your LIFEstyle!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I just came back from working with some kids in middle school. Today we were talking about being yourself and not being a follower. A lot of time youth just want to fit in and not really do what they want…they just want to be seen as cool. I had to tell them, people are like that at all ages. It’s much easier to be a follower than to be a leader. I think people are scared of stepping out and being a leader. When you are a leader you have to take responsibility for your actions, decisions and statements that you make. When you follow you don’t have to take responsibilities for these things. Thurgood Marshall said…”It takes no courage to get in the back of a crowd and throw a rock.”

Let’s make leadership a LiFEstyle!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The more and more I think about it, the more I want to live a simple life. The last thing I want to do in this life is be a product of the world. Of course I like nice things…who doesn’t. It’s when those nice things start to run your life, then you need to take a step back and reconsider what’s really important.

America has abandoned the strong woman of spirituality and is shacking up with the harlot of materialism. –Joseph Lowery

To my brothers and sister…let’s not be a product of the world!
So things are about to get real busy for me. I’m in my last two weeks of school for the rest of the semester. First I need to finish my research paper which is most important. I have a lot of packing and moving to do. I will be in New York for a couple days for a men’s conference at the end of the month. I plan on attending one of my boy’s weddings and the 15th of June I will be back at Camp for the summer.

I’ll do my best to keep you updated!

Can't believe the Lakers lost last night. Now it's time to quit playing and just win the rest of the games of the series.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Fist Up

Here is the spoken word that I speak in the video.

More pigmentation equal less expectation.
That’s how they shaped our mind…looking down the barrel of our own brothers nine.

Got to help my people, stop looking through that peep hole.
They scared of our capabilities…that shows how little we know.
But I’m down for the struggle, I won’t quit until we know.

See you have to saturate the brain with A’s, like a fitted New Era.

Then master what you love, get that green and always be above par like Tiger.
Then go back and give back…help the youngins get higher.

And higher…by yourself, and don’t look back.
From nothing to something…I’m the one they should admire.

-Shaking My Head-

I hate to admit it...But I am going to Chicago today. I can't believe they beat Boston...what is the world coming too! But all I have to say is go Lakers!!! Nothing will get in front of M.V.P Kobe.

To my bro Des yo thing at Schlors Day! Proud of you man!! Don't think you about to sleep on this trip....Viagra son! lol

To my bro Foxx...I'm a try to get on here this weekend so you not bored on yo last hour at work! lol.

"When it comes to food for thought, some of us are on a hungry strike." - Dick Gregory

What will you feed your mind with today?