Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cheaper and Healthy

So I just got to work and was quickly humbled, and thankful for the things that I have in my life. It is so simple to take things for granted every day. Yesterday I was mad about the fact that I had to get my car fix. But in all actuality, I should of just been grateful for the opportunity to even get my car fixed because there are millions of people in this world that don’t even have a car.

I walked to work this morning and I think it was very much needed. I love fitness so the walk did not bother me at all. Is just that I think sometimes we as people get caught up in all the craziness that goes on in our lives, and fail to realize the things that we should be thankful for.

I’m going to challenge you to think about a couple things that you are thankful for today; I promise it won’t take up a lot of time. If it’s your parents or friends…tell them that you are happy to have them in your life. If it’s your car…walk somewhere today that you would normally drive. If it’s your job…tell your boss that you are grateful for the position that you have, especially for the simple fact that we are in poor economic times.

To my people who are thankful!

Let’s make being thankful a part of our LIFEstyle!

Great Server

What am I giving this Life, if Life is what God gave me.
So that makes it a given, Life is all about giving.

But see Life test you to see what happens when you get no thanks.
Are you giving from your heart…or is it an act like LIFE. Because it wasn’t fair to Martin and Eddie.

The secrete to giving in Life…is to give in secrete.
Life will repay you in the end.
Karma is no secrete.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Got Curiosity?

So last week I got an email from a young lady, she so kindly asked…

“So I was reading some of your blog's posts, and I just had two questions. What exactly is it that you want from life? And, what do you mean by you "dream big"?”

My first reaction was shock. I guess I just wasn’t expecting someone to email me and ask a couple of question. Then I started to think. This young lady is destined for greatness! She wants greatness in her life and she was just wondering how others try to achieve greatness as well. It makes perfect sense. Well, I went on to reply, saying…

Question 1; What exactly is it that you want from life?
I just want to do all things that I thought I would never be able to do. Like growing up, I thought I wanted to be a basketball star..and I kind of did that in college. But I want more than just that. I want to write a book, I want to give back in anyway shape or form, I want to help my family and friends, and most importantly I want to help people realize that they can do anything if you set your mind to it.

Question 2: What do you mean by you "dream big"?
Dream big means DREAM BIG!! Like sometimes we dream and we take things out of our dream. Why not leave everything in the dream and see how far you can go. I feel like the biggest obstacle is in our head (our own doubt), and after we get over that, nothing can stop us.

She then went and replied to me saying…
Yeah, apparently we are bound by speech, you know, as in we say "I can't do this...I can't do that..." So, if you believe you can't do this or that then you can't because that's what you set your limits to. There wasn't really a reason besides pure curiosity. I just like learning what drives determined people.

Why aren’t more people curious these days? When we see people where we want to be…why don’t we ask them how they go there? Doesn’t it make perfect sense?

Well…to the lady that sent me this email to me, you inspired me to do a spoken word called “Dream BIG” After I finish it, I want it to be a part of my motivational speaking that I plan to do. You will be the first person that I show it to.

To all my readers… What are you doing to get to where you want to be?

T*A*N*K’in and make it a LIFEstyle!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No Breaks In Life!

Being successful is what drives a lot of people. But a lot of people have different views or meanings of success. Being successful may be being wealthy to someone and to another graduating from high school. Being successful many depend on how much they are able to give back and to another how much they are able to gain. Either way it goes, reaching great success is not easy.

Just imagine it’s a beautiful summer day and the sun is beaming down on you. You are with a bunch of people taking a walk to stay fit and to enjoying the day. What will most people do during this walk? Yup…that’s it, your right!! They look for a tree and sit in the shade for a while. Or they will look for a bench to rest at. So half of the group takes a rest and sets in the shade and the other half keeps going.

We all know that breaks are sometimes needed, but do we understand what is happening when we are taking these breaks. There is someone else that is so driven, that they are not going to take a break. They are going to keep going even though the sun is beaming down on them. While they are doing this, they are gaining mental toughness, gaining an understanding of what happens when you take a break, and eventually will be too far ahead of you to catch up.

Whatever your goal is…are you doing everything that you can do to reach it? Can you keep going when you are taking a break? Those are questions only you can answer. Just know…as you sit in the shade and on that bench, someone is so determined, hungry, and driven that they are not stopping until they get what their prize is.

Keep pushing and let’s Think Above the Naturally Known!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Great Weekend!

So I have a beautiful blessed weekend! I got to meet a couple of my friend’s parents this weekend, I had a basketball banquet, got a couple awards and I got to see my parents as well!

One thing that I noticed over the weekend and after my basketball banquet is that I have done a lot of growing over my last four years of college. I mean a lot… From academics, spiritual maturity and personal growth. One of my biggest fears is that I won’t reach my maximum potential. I feel that God has great things planned for me in my life but it is up for me to put the work in and grab them. So today I took the time out to actually think about situations and events that happened in my life that forced my maturation process.

Augmentation is a consistent aspect of our lives…what are you doing to increase yourself?

Last note real quick. I’m not going to say who sent this to me but I got this in my mailbox the other day. It said.

“A Shining Star! To Mr. Wagner, This is just a little bit of encouragement and twinkle of cheer. To let you know how much you’ve grown while you’ve been here. Gonna miss ya!”

I’m going to miss you too!

I just want to challenge you…yes you reading this. Lets grow together! Until next time…

LIFEstyle T*A*N*K’in

Friday, April 24, 2009

Have a great weekend!

Can’t believe the Lakers lost last night…they will come back hard, don’t worry about that. I have my basketball banquet on Sunday, can’t wait to see my parents.

The school year is coming to a end! All my educated folks out there…FINISH STRONG! Everybody have a great weekend..come back Monday! ..Stay Blessed!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

That’s another hit…Barry Bonds!

So I starting blogging again on the 8th of April and we got to thousand hits today. I say we because it’s all of you that keep coming back and showing me love. I know it may not seem like much but I think that pretty good for only really promoting my blog through facebook and word of mouth. I love blogging because it makes me think different throughout my day. I’m always worried about not having something to write about so it forces me to look and think differently.

I feel that my blog is unique because I’m not just posting stuff that you can find on everyone else blog. When you hit up drewagner.blogspot you know that you will be getting something original, uplifting and a word that may possibly help you out in your day.

I just want to thank everybody for all support of my blog. It’s you all that keep me going. So go out, tell your friends to check out my blog, tell your mamma and daddy’s! lol… At the end of all your sentences…just say “” aight?!? Thanks!! :)

That’s it for now… LIFEstyle’in (LIFE is what God gave us…style is what you make of it)

Belief Law

Designed for success…so I give it my best.
The mental turning into the physical.
Limitations self imposed…no limitations I exposed.
I’m a beast, turning defeat into belief, gotta believe…

Why do I BLOG??

Monday, April 20, 2009


First I want to say that I'm a person that does not use profanity often, so when I used it in my writing that means I want a strong emphasis on it. Also, I feel like I was dry so I'm going to work on my delivery next time. Maybe try to memorize it..that may help

Lastly, when I was little I had a really bad stuttering problem. In class I would get in trouble because I wouldn't read out loud because kids would laugh at. Well, there is no better way to get better than practice. That’s why I read every day…every day!!!

Well, hope you enjoy...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dream Chaser

So this was a crazy long weekend. From my birthday on Thursday, working with kids on Friday night…not going to sleep till 6am because I had EVERYTHING on my mind. Back up at 9am for work the next morning…Cultural session and Spoken Word today, and the Lakers WON!!! I’ll say it was a SupaDupa cool weekend. Now time to strap it up and get back at it for another week...

My T*A*N*K’in for today is Dreams. We hear so much about dreams and how we can achieve them, that I think we take it lightly or just think our dreams will remain dreams. I refuse to let my dreams and aspiration remain at just that. I have the keys in one hand; I got the obstacles in the other, and my dreams constantly on my mind.

Up early in the Am, Dreams I’m chasin’
Living a meaningful life I’m prayin’

Letting my pen bleed, this is how I get freed
My dreams keep me focused…that’s all I need.

Spoken Word

I will be doing spoken word tonight. Check back for the video!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

23 On My Back

Twenty three years and I don’t want no cheer…got many goals to go, so I need more cheers.
Number four, man I miss those cheers…hopefully those tears will eventually disappear.
First love, shell always be there…no fears. Gotta make my parents proud, that and God is all I fear.

First class, gotta do all that I can do to fly,
Thanks Ye, you said I can touch the Sky…

Twenty-Four Seven

I dream big during the day, why sleep all night.
5:30am wakeup, another blessing. God, you must be alright.

Workout, then breakfast…I’m off to a good day
Intellectual thinking. Brain, academics…scholarly seeking.
Gotta be better than the next, the rest. Non stopping, never ceasing…Enhance my conscious.
What’s the message behind that…are you sending them astray?
If I ever do that…Lord take me away.

It’s always deeper than the surface, shallow…you only knee deep.
I’m doing everything I can do to be remembered after I’m seven feet.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How you think makes a difference...

So as I start off my day, I am thinking about how every situation has it’s and up downs. I think a lot of people in this world find it a lot easier to be pessimistic rather than optimistic. It’s easy to be pessimistic because there is no work involved with it; it’s not hard, problematic, or challenging. But on the other hand, being optimistic involves a sense of confidence…you know it’s going to take hard work, but you’re up for the challenge. All great achievers are optimistic about EVERYTHING!! No matter what it is. One way that I keep from putting myself in a pessimistic mind frame is that I always feel that the situation can always be worse. I know I’m destined for greatness…being optimistic is what I chose! Well…that’s all for now, let’s keep Thinking Above The Naturally Know.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Wise Man

You may recognize Sir Winston Churchill as one as the dominate leaders during World War II or because he won a Nobel Prize for his writing. Churchill states that “all men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes.” All men make mistakes!! MAN…I can definitely testify to that. I think the way I do because of the mistakes I have mad. That’s what has shaped me into the man that I am today…or should I say the man I hope I am. This game of life is no joke; unlike my Nintendo…I can’t hit the reset button, lol. But there is one thing I have learned, you can’t be scared to make mistake. You can’t live this life as if you are walking on egg shells. I’m taking this thing head on with no helmet. Full speed…not stopping for anyone. God has a plan for me and I refuse to not to take it!!! …I’m learning to be a wise man

LIFEstyle T*A*N*K’in

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ego (Un-finished)

Existence created from above…dust we are
It seems as if I’m better than you…but we both at par
As I sit on this stool and look down at you,
I realize you should be next to me, cuz we both going through
But it won’t let me, I’m strong, I’m a man… Society
Driving home with the Henny in my hand, dawg…I’m losing my sobriety

Existence created from above…dust we are
Talib was right…I’m navigating through the truly bizarre
Pride is a killer…unless you hittin’ 3’s like Miller
Overtime…Michael Jackson thriller…I need a Miller
High Life…that’s what you see
At the end of the day…man you just like me.

Existence created from above…dust we are
We would all do better…
If we tried to live the life…as we say we are.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mack Daddy Style!! *SMH*

So this morning I get woke up by a text message from MY DAD! dad yo! Lol…This cat txt me and said..

“What are those gang signs you throwing up!”

I’m like what GANG signs..haha. He say “the signs you throwin’ up in the picture on your blog” like wow dad, those would be called peace signs. Get with the program!!! So what does he do..he sends me another txt and says

“I'm going to show you peace signs. I’m a show you my Mack Daddy style while looking smooth at the same time. Don’t have, celebrate!!”

Lol..Dad, I love you to death, and I know I'm blessed to even have a dad, but.......
you are really starting to look like Charles Barkley!!!! hahaha

Love you..send me some money!! I'm a poor college kid... :(

LIFEstyle T*A*N*K'in

Friday, April 10, 2009

Eagles Fly to One Day Die

This is from my bro Des, my mans is ill!!

An unfinished product and also my first note. Hope you enjoy.

I pop the CD in, on my Napster duty anxious, awaiting to hear him spit.
“All I need is one mic 2x
Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones, my biggest brother, we didn’t have the same mother, or maybe we did…but that’s another story.
Listening and not hearing, my ears actively receive
July 15, two-double-zeroes-ocho
Track 12 starts!
My eyes widened
Ears heightened as Eric Hudson
and the Last Poets present Project Roach!
Quote: “It is absolutely silly and unproductive to have a funeral for the word nigger when the actions continue. We need to have a movement to resurrect brothers and sisters, not a funeral for niggers, CUZ NIGGERS DON’T DIE!” (unquote)

Niggers don’t die? My Nigger Deucey was lost when he was hit with the 4-5!
My nigger Ant was running from the BDs, when Death decided to cover and cloak him, hopefully to the sky they went.

Track 12 continues.
(Quote)“Niggers are like Roaches, they’re never gonna go away.
Learn from them what we should not become, cuz niggers don’t die.” (Unquote)
Growing up, under the impression
that Niggers was the thing to be.
Big money, big cars, stupid hoes, tons of drinking, yet no presence of thinking.

Sitting on the Red Line wit my lil mentee, Malik.
Out the blue he says, “Man, big homie Des…Can’t wait til I get old.
I say, ‘why Malik?’
Malik: Cuz I’m gon be that nigger.
Little does lil Malik know of its bittersweet.
Nigger is a beautiful thang…stuck singing…
In all its beauty, sweetness is lost, mounds of decay plagues birthing the most expensive commodity to all people, IGNORANCE.

Niggers strut like peacocks
Big money, bigger cars, stupid hoes tons of drinking, yet no presence of thinking.
Like peacocks we strut our stuffStrut?
Wit our noses up, beyond stratus clouds
Peacocks strut, cuz they can’t fly.

Niggers got wings, but be stuck dreaming
I use to be a nigger, still got nigger ways
However, I’m beginning to think as an eagle….
Only 7 eagles. Extinction? Eagles get 1-8-7ed. Popped. Another shoulda, woulda, coulda. Another one of our dears brothers/sisters, lost and gone.
Niggers are scared to get shot. In a box…nonetheless
Uncertain if it’s forevermore

I’m starting to think as an eagle….

That’s all for now.

What is LIFEstyle T*A*N*K’in?

So my Blog is named LIFEstyle T*A*N*K’in and you probably want to know what it means or the meaning behind it. Wellllllll…,,,,,since you asked I guess I’ll tell you

You may define lifestyle as a way of life, existence, routine or a standard of living. Since I have to be different, I take LIFEstyle and break it up… Life if the beautiful thing that our creator gave us, without him we would not have this beautiful existence. Style is YOU!! Style can be anything that you make it. Style is art, creativity, your way of get your style from the life that you live. God gave me life, style is what I make it!

Tank or T*A*N*K’in is a acronym that mean Thinking Above the Naturally Know. Thinking Above the Naturally is my daily struggle. I want to think in a way that no one else does, that’s part of the LIFEstyle that I want to live. Well…now you know.

Also, Andrew Bynum is back for the Lakers!! ..yall better get ready.

LIFEstyle T*A*N*K’in

Naneazy Mixtape..Sounds of the Delorean

Go support my homie Nana!!! ... finally got the tape out: Sounds of the Delorean, the Mixtape! Go Support -->

Check out his blog too!!

LIFEstyle T*A*N*K’in
Thinking Above The Naturally Known

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rocket Steady (Spoken Word #2)

My creator said that we are grateful people; but half of the people that look like me have given up. I’m telling you that the vision of the future is laden, with cautions and caveats. The ones that set back and blame, they just want commiseration and offerings. The system puts there lenses on…what do they see, poison...toxic waste? Nah, not me hommie, I’m too high…I’m on the steady…rocket on the moon, I’m outta space!

I’m T*A*N*K’in
Thinking Above the Naturally Known

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thanks Anonymous Person!!

So today when I got off work I went to go check my campus mail box. There was a card there that basically said have a fantabulous day and also wished me luck on all my future endeavors. There is no name on the card or anything…I just want to tell that person thanks because I needed that. This just goes to show that we have beautiful people around us every day and you never know when you are touching someone’s life.

Peace and Blessing!!!
Dre’s Think TANK (Thinking Above the Naturally Known)
I Want A Story To Tell (Spoken Word #1)

Say bro.. “WE” have been the subject of at least 400 books! But yet, you can’t help think about those other kids you know, because they were raised to think they are going to be successful and better than “US”. Is this a cultural quandary? Most successful men like “US” have a story to tell about what they have overcame, who influenced them and how they survived… I can’t wait to tell mine!

Peace and Blessing!!!
Dre’s Think TANK (Thinking Above the Naturally Known

Im Back!!!

So I stopped posting on my blog for a while. I was going through a major change in my life, and I’m still trying to adjust to it. If you know me at all, you know that basketball was my way of life. Everything that I have ever done and planned always revolved around basketball. All that has now came to a STOP! Our season ended with a 23-3 record when we lost in the first round of the Conference Tournament. Who would have thought, that would have been my last official basketball game…

As I look back on my career I couldn’t have asked for more. I have won 2 conference championships, played in national tournament games, made it to the sweet 16, got nominated for the D3 player of the year award, been on the 2nd and 1st all conference team, been the team MVP, been the conference MVP, made all-west region 3rd and1st team, NABC all-district 1st team twice, and was a team captain. Now I am not trying to boast about any of these award…but I definitely gave it all I had and did it to my best ability. God has blessed me though my career with no serious injuries and memories that will last a life time…

So since basketball is over, I have picked up a couple new hobbies, the main one being weight lifting. I started working out every morning at 6am and taking Sundays off. I have also picked up racquetball and plan on learning golf when the weather gets nice. Yeah, I’m about to get my Tiger Woods on!! Other things that I’m focusing on are getting done with school. I have one more year left then plan on going to Grad school. I am still working my Internship mon-thur and also picked up another job at B&K Mercantile, it’s a men’s dress clothing store…

I will start posting spoken word on my Blog now. Spoken word is a form of art or artistic performance in which lyrics, poetry, or stories are spoken rather than sung. My bro Desmond inspired me to do this as he is doing the same on his facebook statuses. I am on a very busy schedule so they will be quick hitters to get you thinking intellectually…

Well that’s it for now…its good having you all back!!!

Peace and Blessings!!!
Dre’s Think TANK (Thinking Above the Naturally Known)