Wednesday, April 22, 2009

That’s another hit…Barry Bonds!

So I starting blogging again on the 8th of April and we got to thousand hits today. I say we because it’s all of you that keep coming back and showing me love. I know it may not seem like much but I think that pretty good for only really promoting my blog through facebook and word of mouth. I love blogging because it makes me think different throughout my day. I’m always worried about not having something to write about so it forces me to look and think differently.

I feel that my blog is unique because I’m not just posting stuff that you can find on everyone else blog. When you hit up drewagner.blogspot you know that you will be getting something original, uplifting and a word that may possibly help you out in your day.

I just want to thank everybody for all support of my blog. It’s you all that keep me going. So go out, tell your friends to check out my blog, tell your mamma and daddy’s! lol… At the end of all your sentences…just say “” aight?!? Thanks!! :)

That’s it for now… LIFEstyle’in (LIFE is what God gave us…style is what you make of it)

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