Friday, April 10, 2009

What is LIFEstyle T*A*N*K’in?

So my Blog is named LIFEstyle T*A*N*K’in and you probably want to know what it means or the meaning behind it. Wellllllll…,,,,,since you asked I guess I’ll tell you

You may define lifestyle as a way of life, existence, routine or a standard of living. Since I have to be different, I take LIFEstyle and break it up… Life if the beautiful thing that our creator gave us, without him we would not have this beautiful existence. Style is YOU!! Style can be anything that you make it. Style is art, creativity, your way of get your style from the life that you live. God gave me life, style is what I make it!

Tank or T*A*N*K’in is a acronym that mean Thinking Above the Naturally Know. Thinking Above the Naturally is my daily struggle. I want to think in a way that no one else does, that’s part of the LIFEstyle that I want to live. Well…now you know.

Also, Andrew Bynum is back for the Lakers!! ..yall better get ready.

LIFEstyle T*A*N*K’in


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