Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mack Daddy Style!! *SMH*

So this morning I get woke up by a text message from MY DAD! dad yo! Lol…This cat txt me and said..

“What are those gang signs you throwing up!”

I’m like what GANG signs..haha. He say “the signs you throwin’ up in the picture on your blog” like wow dad, those would be called peace signs. Get with the program!!! So what does he do..he sends me another txt and says

“I'm going to show you peace signs. I’m a show you my Mack Daddy style while looking smooth at the same time. Don’t have, celebrate!!”

Lol..Dad, I love you to death, and I know I'm blessed to even have a dad, but.......
you are really starting to look like Charles Barkley!!!! hahaha

Love you..send me some money!! I'm a poor college kid... :(

LIFEstyle T*A*N*K'in


Des TuTu said...

I'm just a messenger, but word on the street is, "you look like Larenz Tate mixed with a bit of Sir Charles!" You ain't hear it from me though.

alex said...

That's funny.