Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dream Chaser

So this was a crazy long weekend. From my birthday on Thursday, working with kids on Friday night…not going to sleep till 6am because I had EVERYTHING on my mind. Back up at 9am for work the next morning…Cultural session and Spoken Word today, and the Lakers WON!!! I’ll say it was a SupaDupa cool weekend. Now time to strap it up and get back at it for another week...

My T*A*N*K’in for today is Dreams. We hear so much about dreams and how we can achieve them, that I think we take it lightly or just think our dreams will remain dreams. I refuse to let my dreams and aspiration remain at just that. I have the keys in one hand; I got the obstacles in the other, and my dreams constantly on my mind.

Up early in the Am, Dreams I’m chasin’
Living a meaningful life I’m prayin’

Letting my pen bleed, this is how I get freed
My dreams keep me focused…that’s all I need.

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