Monday, April 13, 2009

Wise Man

You may recognize Sir Winston Churchill as one as the dominate leaders during World War II or because he won a Nobel Prize for his writing. Churchill states that “all men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes.” All men make mistakes!! MAN…I can definitely testify to that. I think the way I do because of the mistakes I have mad. That’s what has shaped me into the man that I am today…or should I say the man I hope I am. This game of life is no joke; unlike my Nintendo…I can’t hit the reset button, lol. But there is one thing I have learned, you can’t be scared to make mistake. You can’t live this life as if you are walking on egg shells. I’m taking this thing head on with no helmet. Full speed…not stopping for anyone. God has a plan for me and I refuse to not to take it!!! …I’m learning to be a wise man

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alex said...

That's true all Men make mistakes in which we learn from.If we didn't make them,then we would be perfect.And God is only perfect.