Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No Breaks In Life!

Being successful is what drives a lot of people. But a lot of people have different views or meanings of success. Being successful may be being wealthy to someone and to another graduating from high school. Being successful many depend on how much they are able to give back and to another how much they are able to gain. Either way it goes, reaching great success is not easy.

Just imagine it’s a beautiful summer day and the sun is beaming down on you. You are with a bunch of people taking a walk to stay fit and to enjoying the day. What will most people do during this walk? Yup…that’s it, your right!! They look for a tree and sit in the shade for a while. Or they will look for a bench to rest at. So half of the group takes a rest and sets in the shade and the other half keeps going.

We all know that breaks are sometimes needed, but do we understand what is happening when we are taking these breaks. There is someone else that is so driven, that they are not going to take a break. They are going to keep going even though the sun is beaming down on them. While they are doing this, they are gaining mental toughness, gaining an understanding of what happens when you take a break, and eventually will be too far ahead of you to catch up.

Whatever your goal is…are you doing everything that you can do to reach it? Can you keep going when you are taking a break? Those are questions only you can answer. Just know…as you sit in the shade and on that bench, someone is so determined, hungry, and driven that they are not stopping until they get what their prize is.

Keep pushing and let’s Think Above the Naturally Known!

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