Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Do You!”

So a while ago I was sitting in a social justice session with some high school kids. In the session they were discussing identity, perspectives, and the people who perceive these perspectives.

One of the young ladies then went ahead and started talking about how our language and the way we act are different around different people. She then expressed how sometimes she is on her “white girl status”. Now if you know me, this was an immediate red flag. I then proceeded to ask her, what is the “white girl status” (already having a idea of what she was going to say, I just wanted her to hear herself say it out loud). She then explained that it is when she is acting and talking proper. That statement was said out of pure ignorance. Has society had such a impact on our youth, that when someone is acting and or speaking proper, then they are referred to as a “white person?” SMH. Speaking like this just sets you up for failure…

I want to challenge you, as I did her…If you feel as if you are educated, then speak with intellect. That’s “Doing you!” Don’t compare it with anyone else! Define it as you. Don’t let the society form who you are…and don’t let the society tell you what, and what not to do. This is your world, you will get out what you put in. Say yes to being you!

There is a time and place for everything in this universe that we live in, that does not mean you change who you are!

Peace and Love<>Daps & Pounds
Mr. Big Dreams


DeS Money said...

Yessuh!! Rev. Wagner, talk to 'em

robert said...

i know just how you felt that day i felt the same way to ..that was pure ignorance