Thursday, January 29, 2009


I have told you all before that I feel simple words are often times overlooked. The simple word sacrifice means to give up, let go or to forgo. Simple enough right?

When I hear the word sacrifice, the first image that pops up in my head is my mother and father. My parents have sacrificed so much for my little sister and I. Neither one of my parents has a college degree, we are not rich and sometimes they wonder how some bills are going to get paid. But there is one thing that my mother and father do on a consistent basis…and that’s make sacrifices for my sister and I.

My mom gave birth to me as soon as she got out of high school. My parents were determined to give me the world, in order to do that, they put their dreams aside to allow me to have dreams. To this day, my parents have never told me…but I know for a fact that they live their dreams through my sister and I. Now that I know that, everything that I do is done with passion and persistence.

When I began to manifest into a man is when I really realized the sacrifices they were making. Their sacrifice keeps this flame burning inside of me. This flame will not allow me to quit…

I am on a steady battle of reaching my full potential. I used to hate reading books, now I want to write one…I used to hate school, after undergrad I’m going to get my masters…I though organizations were stupid, last year I lead in creating one…I used to use curse words all the time, now I understand that’s a lack of vocabulary…I used to use the N-Word, then I realized my people were being handicapped by it.

Every negative thing that I used to do was because I had a lack of understanding about the sacrifice, the dreams and the much needed change in our culture and universe. If I ever feel like giving up on anything, all I need to do it think about the Sacrifice! Gotta’ love Momma and Pops!!!

Peace and Blessings!!!
Dre’s Think TANK (Thinking Above the Naturally Known)

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Anonymous said...

You gotta thank God for your parents everyday!Even if they put you up for adoption or don't want anything to do with you.They send you in this world to be a great man or woman of God, striving everyday to do your best and live life.Parents are a wonderful Gift from God if it wasn't from them we wouldn't be here.And thanks to our main parent,our father in heaven God.