Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Women sho’ do TALK!!!

I know you seen the title and probably wanted to read this, sorry…but this is most likely not what you think it is. Women were probably thinking..“I’m going to read this, and then give him a piece of my mind!”lol And men though they were off the hook because they thought I was going to talk about how women gossip and talk too much…in all actuality, men don’t talk enough!

Behavioral scientist say that women speak an average of thirty more thousand more words a day compared to men, when men only speak ten thousand words a day. Women have an average of six close friends for social support, while men average only one. Without this social support, both genders are at three to five times’ greater risk of premature death and disease from all causes. Eighty percent of those who have serious drug addictions are men. Eighty percent of the homeless on American streets are men. Men are forty percent times more likely than women to be admitted to psychiatric hospitals and twenty-five percent times as likely to end up in prison. Eighty percent of suicide deaths are men. Life expectancy for men is seven years less than what it is for women. Men have higher death rates in the fifteen leading causes of death.

These are outstanding numbers!! And to think…these numbers can be lowered if men just opened up and have more healthy conversations! To you this may seem simple, but in fact most men don’t have a clue on how to connect with another guy at a deeper level, the reason is because they never saw that openness modeled in their fathers or the male culture.

There is a story about a man walking his dog in the park; he walked behind two women on a bench as they were talking. While his dog was taking care of his business, he overheard the women talking about jobs, family, friends, fitness, education and even their marriage. Just as the man was walking away, he heard the two women say…“It was nice meeting you, take care.” He turned around with his mouth wide open while he though to his self, WOW..they didn’t even know each other!! Now by no means am I telling you to go tell your life story to strangers, but you need to find someone who you can have healthy conversations with and not just talk about sports/fashion, women/men, and video games/shopping. Women naturally are more out spoken and willing to talk…while men are more conservative and keep to their-self. Everyone…find someone who you can have healthy conversations with, you will be surprised how much it can help! Food for thought!

Peace and Blessings!!!
Dre’s Think TANK (Thinking Above the Naturally Known)


Anonymous said...

This is very interesting.

Desmond said...

Often times men fail to realize how vital conversation really is which probably explains the significant amount of male related heart deaths. One issue is that males have problems trusting other males, perhaps it's because of our egotistical thinking. Who knows? Anyway, big ups to the post... I'm in search of finding a woman right now who I can talk to (a brother be lonely....sad face).

One Love

Andre' Wagner said...

We on the same struggle my brotha!