Friday, October 16, 2009

The Beauty In True Friendships…

A letter from my boy Bobby Ingram…

DAVID ORTIZ -Man we have been on the same team damn near all of our life even when we sucked in ball but you are right i can always depend on you to get me that assist to make that game winning shot and i know i can depend on you to assist in life on and off the court your really someone i call a true friend and a brother i know you would never turn your back on me in my tough situations whether in life or a basketball game .I DO HAVE A BIG STEP IM TAKING IN TO FATHERHOOD i know you will be there to assist me ..

DRE WAGNER- I've only known you 2 years and for some people i cant say i truly look up 2 them but even though your shorter i really do look up 2 you in those camp summers you have taught me What a man is What a man was and wHat a man of character looks like (M.O.C)..that's YOU and i thank you for that !!! so this is to MY ASSIST MEN ..DRE and DAVID

From me..
Bobby, man bro I swear time flies by so fast. I still remember when we first met at camp…getting it in on the court! Those memories from the summer are memories that I will have for a lifetime. Man we cried together, laughed together, hooped together, got blacker together lol… As you take this new step in your life, I dare you to do it at your best! I dare you to give it all you got! This world needs strong brothas like you, and you should refuse to not let that shine! I know you will be a great father to your son…pass on to him all that you know. Even though your in NY and I’m in Iowa you know I’m only a call, txt, facebook message or tweet away!!!! LOL… *technology is crazy*

David !o! we clicked since day one too. There are some people that we meet in this world and feel like you have know each other for a while…that’s how it was. I knew we were going to be coo when you thought that you was nice on the court!! Lol. You have something about you that just attracts people to you…they want to be part of your life. Share that with the universe…

Friendship are relationships that no one should overlook or take for granted…true friends don’t come around often…but when you have one, you will know!

Much Love to both of my brothas!

..I challenge all of you to take the time out and let your true friends know how you feel about them!

One Love.

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