Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Forget the Stock Market!!!!!!!!!!!

When you hear the word investment, you think about a lot of time, effort and energy going into something; so that you can receive something in return. For the most part, people use investments with money…as if there is no other way to invest. We also invest in things that we could really care less about…we are just looking/waiting on what the possible outcome could be.

For me, I try to look at investment in a different light. I try to look at it as who may my investment help…instead of looking at what I can get in return. When you are looking to help others and the universe with your investment, it will be a lot meaningful; and I’m sure the people you help will pay it forward. Investment aren’t, and should not only be money. You need to be present in your investment. I’m positive your time is way more valuable than money. Investment is a great power that we need to use to mold this universe.

Don’t invest looking at only what you are going to get in return…

Forget the Stock Market…invest into your family, friends and loved ones!

One Love.

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