Friday, October 2, 2009

Be Full-Time!

Hello Beautiful People!! I hope all is doing welll…

So as most of you know…during the past summer I was working at a camp in NY. During the summer I kept a journal.. this would help me keep all of the great memories close to my heart. Well, here is what I wrote July 12th, 2009.

So a couple of days ago I got to spend the night with my boys, the senior boys here at camp. This would be the first group of kids I had my first summer here at camp in 2008. I was setting in the tent with them one night just talking about life. One of my boys has always called me father, he even did so last summer. I always noticed it but never thought about it too deeply. This night he told me the reason that he calls me “father”. He says, “Dre, I call you father because I don’t have a positive father figure to look up to!” He went on and continued to tell me about the situations that he has to see and deal with on a daily basis. We were in this dark tent at night so he had no idea about the tears that were just rolling down my face. Everything that he was saying touched me so deeply.

I try my best to appreciate all that God and the universe has blessed me with in my life; but sometimes it takes stories like his to put life into perspective.

I had no idea that he was looking at me in such a way that he did, nor did I know his story to the full extent that he explained.

Being a Man of Character forces me to be the best man that I can be when others are not looking, watching or paying any attention. That’s what character is all about. If you are living a LIFEstyle of what you want your character to be seen as…no matter who is watching, when they see you, or what they hear.. it will always have something positive in it, because you are being the best YOU!.

Knowing that you are being watched at all times… are you proud of what others see in you?

“There are eyes and ears everywhere; and if not, the universe see’s you… we have to manifest into full-time”

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DeS Money said...

Yessuh, we need more experienced warriors to lookout and also help the young warriors